TilbageHD News Studio installation at TV2 News

TV2 News in Copenhagen launched their new HD News Studio and Playout on 1-Febuary 2016. This was the culmination of two years of rebuilding effort to build a new HD workflow.

Located on a waterfront four story building, the 24-7 News Facility was first wired with fiber between all floors. Building included a SAM Kahuna Mixer, SAM Sirius 840 Router, and DK Technologies GPS Sync System with Grass Valley distribution and processing.

The new Studio is located ground floor with robotic cameras and LED Backscreens, and is twice the size with space for 30 Journalists. There are two redundant controls rooms, each using the VIZ-RT Mosart News Room Automation System with control over a SAM Kahuna Mixer, Studer Vista 5 Mixer, the EVS XT Video server and Viz-RT Graphics.

The second Control Room is being prepared for use with the soon-to-be-rebuilt Second floor studio for use in a new channel. 

Download the full story here


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