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Video piracy is a growing problem for everyone in the industry. 

Verimatrix_Logo_NoTag_4cIn Danmon we take our customers concerns serious. Many OTT operators are facing challenges in terms of video piracy. Danmon is Nordic Competence Center for Verimatrix forensic video watermarking solutions and we have a long term partnership. Meet us and have a talk with our experts or book a demo to discover Verimatrix StreamMark, which performs server-side watermark insertion in digital content and client-side payload insertion in the video output of set-top boxes Verimatrix VideoMark solution. 

Are you running a OTT service – do you care about customer experience?

WitbeLogo-300px2If so you should read this. We in Danmon believe that knowledge about your customers experience is a key competitive advantage. By use of robot technology you can have artificial customers operate your service on any device, on any network all day and night with a central dashboard clearly showing deterioration on any of your KPI´s such as video quality, rebuffering, complete transaction time, VOD availability and many other parameters. By the way: You can even bench mark your service against your competitor.. We are working close with Witbe.net who is the leading vendor in this market. Book a briefing with us and Witbe´s experts and get ready for customer insights. 

Video and TV production workflows are getting more complex.

How ooyala-logo-color-rgbdo you free up resource time to be more creative, run a smoother automized workflow and dramatically improve production time? Danmon has years’ of experience and knowledge about workflow optimization and automation. Danmon and Ooyala is working close together about consultancy and integration of the leading open platform Ooyala Flex that offers metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single platform—to streamline your entire media operation. Meet our workflow specialist at NAB and reserve your presentation and demo at the Ooyala booth.

A must see : Cloud video and Artificial Intellegence

IBM_Silver_logoAI is at every ones lips these days and Danmon is no exception. We are Nordic Business partner with IBM in the Media and Entertainment industry and hold key competence in IBM Watson media services. The use cases are obvious and at this year NAB IBM will demonstrate automate closed captioning and transcription services. Improving content search and discovery through enriched metadata Generating highlight clips in near real-time.
Learn as well how IBM is combining industry-leading AI and powerful streaming technology to deliver superior video experiences that enable content owners and distributors to achieve new levels of viewer engagement and loyalty by employing AI-infused video solutions to improve monetization models, viewer engagement, and content value and performance. Meet Danmon´s Watson experts and reserve your IBM demo at the IBM booth. 

From days to minutes: Heavy file transfer

It´IBM_Silver_logos all about getting waiting time down. Working in the digital production area with a need for exchanging files across distances can create time consuming bottlenecks. Major film studios, post-production companies, visual effects houses, and broadcasters rely on Aspera to reduce production cycles while securely delivering high-resolution media worldwide, with the utmost quality of service, to ultimately provide consumers with content faster and more efficiently than ever before. Aspera creates next-generation software technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Meet Danmon and hear about howour Nordic customers are improving their workflow. 

Fill out the formula to book a meeting with us at NAB 2018.