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The COP-15 is the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and was held in Copenhagen at the Bella Conference Center in December 2009. 
The Annual Conferences began in 1992 and are known as the “Conferences of the Parties” (COP) and designed to openly discuss and assess progress in dealing with worldwide climate change. Attendees include USA President Obama and Presidents and Prime Ministers or top officials from 192 countries, as well as many other worldwide NGO organizations, along with extensive Press & Media Coverage.
To provide the COP-15 broadcast TV media infrastructure and management, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded the “Host Broadcaster” Contract to a three-way partnership group, consisting of TV2Danmark, Danmon Group Systems and East Productions.  
As Host Broadcaster, Danmon built the system that supports live TV and audio production and feeds during the UN Conference coving: Two main Plenary Rooms and three Press Rooms, as well as a media city that suports 142 journalist cubicles, each equipped with the seven live video and audio feeds from all the halls. Addition ally, a full TV-studio, radio-studio, editing facilities and satellite uplinks were built to support an International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) that served the journalists and media staff from around the world.    Danmon Group Systems build the extensive digital and analogue infrastructure; TV2  provided for Operations Management, with Production & Support Staff, Booking and Rentals; and East Productions delivered eight OB Production & Uplink Trucks with staff. The installation include over two kilometres of fiber cable backbone and over 100  kilometres of audio and video cable. 

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